Migraine passing…

Last Tuesday the 26th of November I woke from a dream with a headache that turned into an eight hour migraine. I was curled up in my bed for the entire day. At one point while my eyes were closed I saw these black clouds floating across my eyelids. They were outlined with an electric light. The image was so vivid I decided to paint it the next morning when I was feeling like a human again.

migraine passing
oil on canvas 33 x 41 cm
This palette is sooo tiny, I miss palette paper!!! Definitely stocking up when I get back to the states!
The calm before the storm… with snacks ie brain food!


With a thought of self love in mind I purchased 2 bunches of peonies for myself. I’m a big believer of self-love and partake in the practice often, but I hadn’t purchased blooms for myself in quite a while.  So last Sunday while out at the farmers market perusing flower stands, these lovely peonies caught my eye. I have not painted many flowers because it is very difficult, and I do not have a lot of experience painting them.  But I love flowers and would like to incorporate floral painting into my body of work.

I purchased two bunches one in a medium shade of pink and the other in white. Once home I clipped the bottoms filled the vase up with water and began arranging the peonies for my still life painting.

Next, I set up my work-space by overloading my dining room table with; oil paints, brushes, painting medium, mineral spirits and palette paper. Now I’m ready to mix paints.

Now for the fun part mixing paints!

When I was in middle school my mother taught elementary at the same school. So after school I would go to her classroom and pull out all of her paints and mix colors.  I loved mixing white with the primary colors to create pastel version of them.  I would mix red and white to create pinks and white with blue to create shades of blue.  I went through a lot of white!!!

As I write this post the smell of summer drifts into my creative space. The weather today is perfect and my neighbors are starting to BBQ. As I look out my window I see palm trees blowing in the wind softly, the sky is a touch darker and bit warmer than the light blue shade on my pallet above. Its time for me to go outside! So I’ll wrap this up.

When I first decided to paint my peonies, I knew I wanted a dark background that evoked emotion, passion and mystery.

Self-love is a ritual that everyone should participate in because no one will take better care of you than you. You must first love yourself.

#selflove #firstlove

Moon & Star

A single Kasumi baroque pearl from the misty waters of Lake Kasumi-ga-ura in Japan, is wire wrapped in rose gold with a single rose gold pave star falling from beneath on a 16 inch rose gold chain.

A Kasumi pearl’s hue can range from soft lavender, vibrant purple, pale pinks dove grey as well as golden-green. Their Baroque shape is also ranges from mostly round to Baroque. I tend to use a shape that resembles a tear drop. You will notice this aesthetic throughout my Jewelry Art.