Printmaking in the Italian countryside

the art studio and the 1st run of printmaking with lino-cut, still more carving is needed & the plate needs to be treated with sand paper.
her clothes have been carved, final touches still needed the ink took much better after I sanded the linoleum plate.

studio vibes…

reusing an old canvas… but i’m kinda liking the the light blue for a background…
or… maybe i leave it just like this hmmmmm, i might keep more of the background than the original idea…
a third portrait has been added….
troubles with the fourth portrait, at this point i only like the lip on this portrait and i’m thinking about the light blue background…. and the red and the dark navy blue arch I would like to actually keep some of these details..
decided to go with the blue

forest of Souls

After creating this blog post and cropping the painting multiple times more ideas have emerged! Ah the power of cropping a painting. Love it!

Experimental Colors

I love experimenting with color. It is an approach I use to help me see different facial elements, bone structure, high lights and low lights. Sometimes, the color schemes work, and sometimes they don’t… it is all about a process of building ones relationship with colors. the below works are all soft pastel compositions on toned paper 18″x 24″

stage 1
stage 2
also notice the color story on the bottom right
This was as far as I got with this portrait, from life, pastel study.

It is a privilege to have a relationship with color, it is the most important relationship in my life that I am consistently nurturing…

tiffanie n peters 12th December 2019
female pastel portrait stage 1
final stage
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
c. 2017
stage 1
difficult pose!
final stage with this pose more time would of been great! but sometimes i like my unfinished work better than a complete piece.