Experimental Colors

I love experimenting with color. It is an approach I use to help me see different facial elements, bone structure, high lights and low lights. Sometimes, the color schemes work, and sometimes they don’t… it is all about a process of building ones relationship with colors. the below works are all soft pastel compositions on toned paper 18″x 24″

stage 1
stage 2
also notice the color story on the bottom right
This was as far as I got with this portrait, from life, pastel study.

It is a privilege to have a relationship with color, it is the most important relationship in my life that I am consistently nurturing…

tiffanie n peters 12th December 2019
female pastel portrait stage 1
final stage
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
c. 2017
stage 1
difficult pose!
final stage with this pose more time would of been great! but sometimes i like my unfinished work better than a complete piece.

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